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Construction Specific Online and Event Network

iCC was created to provide the construction community with a pinpoint identification way of networking and communicating outside of industry events, while eliminating the riffraff of typical social networking platforms.


Utilizing a proprietary adaptation of the standard CSI codes (construction cost and trade classification system) and supporting professions, iCC allows industry professionals and advertisers to be as granular or general in the selection of their target connections and communications.

So, who are you missing?

iCC members include commercial, residential, specialty and civil construction industry professionals (developers, general contractors, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, lenders, attorneys, suppliers, insurance and bonds providers, real estate professionals, and many more).  You are bound to find someone you're interested in connecting with!

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We want to give our members a trusted hub of industry tools that would provide convenience and value in business connections outside of our local networking events! 


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